Hydrogenation unit





Hydrogenation unit

The hydrogenation unit mainly includes hydrotreating, hydrofining, hydrodesulfurization, hydrocracking, etc., mainly including plate tower, including circulating hydrogen desulfurization tower, liquefied steam desulfurization tower, dry gas desulfurization tower, desulfurized hydrogen stripper, main stripper, product fractionation tower, debutanizer, deethanizer, absorption tower, etc., including packed tower and plate tower, mainly plate tower, and the main internals involved include metal bulk packing Coalescing packing, liquid distributor, liquid collector, packing grid, packing grid support, tray assembly (float valve, tray plate, downcomer, receiving tray, liquid seal tray and corresponding support beam), oil collecting tank, gas-liquid feed distributor, distribution pipe, bolts, nuts, clips, washers and other fasteners.

● Main tray assembly

(1) Single and double overflow trays - single overflow tray/double overflow tray

(2) Combined guide float valve


Hydrogenation unit

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