Gas fractionation unit





Gas fractionation unit

The gas fractionation unit mainly includes depropanizer, deethanizer, propylene rectifying tower, etc., mainly plate tower. The main internal components involved include tray assembly (float valve, tray plate, downcomer, receiving tray, liquid seal tray and corresponding support beam), oil collecting tank, gas-liquid feed distributor, distribution pipe, bolts, nuts, clips, washers and other fasteners.

● Main tray assembly

(1) Single and double overflow trays - single overflow tray/double overflow tray

(2) Corrugated guide float valve


Gas fractionation unit


The corrugated guide float valve consists of herringbone corrugated valve pieces and valve legs which are arranged at both ends of the valve pieces and are connected with the valve pieces. The valve edges are arranged at both sides of the width direction of the valve pieces, so that the width of the valve pieces is greater than the width of the valve legs. There are 0~35 guide holes on the herringbone corrugated inclined plane, the two sides of the valve legs are provided with folding edges, and the ends of the valve legs are provided with valve feet. The corrugated guided float valve tray can make the gas-liquid two-phase contact evenly under the same operating conditions, reduce the liquid level gradient on the tray, and improve the mass transfer effect. It can be applied to the gas-liquid mass transfer separation tower, such as absorption tower, distillation tower, etc.

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