Isomerization and alkylation unit





Isomerization and alkylation unit

The isomerization unit mainly includes the stabilizer, deisohexane tower, deisopentane tower, etc. The alkylation unit mainly includes the light hydrocarbon removal tower, deisobutane tower, deisobutane tower, etc. It is mainly a plate tower, and the main internal components involved include the tray assembly (float valve, tray plate, downcomer plate, receiving tray, liquid seal tray and corresponding support beam), oil collecting tank, gas-liquid feed distributor and distribution pipe, bolts, nuts, clips Fasteners such as washers.

● Main tray assembly

(1) Single and double overflow trays - single overflow tray/double overflow tray

(2) Combined guide float valve

(3) Distribution pipe - T type distribution pipe/H type distribution pipe


Isomerization and alkylation unit

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