C4/C5/C9 separation unit






C4/C5/C9 separation unit

The C5 separation unit mainly includes the fourth decarburization tower, pre deweighting tower, C4 refining tower, extraction feed water washing tower, isoprene extraction distillation tower A, isoprene extraction distillation tower B, solvent desorption tower, alkyne extraction distillation tower, side line tower, heavy separation tower, light component removal tower, isoprene water washing tower, raffinate C5 water washing tower, dimer water washing tower, solvent recovery tower, side line water washing tower, solvent refining tower, double ring removal tower M-pentadiene rectification tower, DCPD light tower, DCPD heavy tower, etc. C9 hydrogenation unit includes heavy tower, stabilizer, caustic scrubber, etc. The main internal components involved include metal packing, liquid distributor, liquid collector, packing grid, packing grid support, tray assembly (float valve, tray plate, downcomer, receiving tray, liquid seal tray and corresponding support beam), oil collecting tank, gas-liquid feed distributor and distribution pipe Bolts, nuts, clips, washers and other fasteners.

Single and double overflow trays - single overflow tray/double overflow tray/float valve/solid valve/structured packing/rectangular saddle ring bulk packing


C4/C5/C9 separation unit

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