Chief Zhang Zuolin came to Boneng to guide the epidemic prevention and control

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2022-10-09 17:28

Chief Zhang Zuolin came to Boneng to guide the epidemic prevention and control


On the morning of February 20, Zhang Zuolin, the head of Changsha County, came to our company to guide the epidemic prevention and control, accompanied by Yang Daibin, our chairman and others.

First of all, Mr. Zhang carefully understood the work of the enterprise, and asked the relevant responsible persons about the enterprise epidemic prevention and control. During this period, Mr. Zhang listened to Mr. Yang, the chairman of our company, about the implementation of the company's epidemic prevention and control, troubleshooting and registration, and production and work resumption.                  

Then, accompanied by President Yang and others, County Chief Zhang went deep into the production workshop. In the workshop, hundreds of workers were wearing masks to carry out production in a tight and orderly manner. After checking the epidemic prevention work of our company, County Chief Zhang highly praised the epidemic prevention and control work of our company and expressed condolences to the front-line workers at work. Zhang pointed out that the current is a critical period for epidemic prevention and control, and we must strengthen the information registration, epidemic screening and detection of people returning to cities from other places; Strengthen the sanitation, disinfection and sterilization of the company's public areas; It is necessary to strengthen publicity and guidance, improve the staff's awareness of self prevention and protection, and create a good atmosphere for group prevention and control; We should make persistent efforts to avoid any slackness and fluke. We should earnestly implement various prevention and control measures and spare no effort to win the war of epidemic prevention, control and suppression and the war of annihilation. We should properly handle the relationship between epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of production. We should pay close attention to epidemic prevention work and never slack off. At the same time, we should promote the resumption of production to achieve orderly production.