Epidemic prevention specialists come to the government to assist in re production

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2022-10-09 17:28

After the resumption of the Company on February 10, 2020, Changsha County government units at all levels expressed great concern about the resumption of production and epidemic prevention and control of Boneng.

Secretary Ai Ying of Changsha County Federation of Industry and Commerce led the team to stay in our company, go deep into our production workshops and offices to provide technical support for safe production, and formulate epidemic prevention and control and safe resumption of production plans and guide the implementation according to our actual situation. He asked many times to help our company solve problems.

Langli Sub district Economic and Trade Office planned in advance, took measures to help our company prepare for the resumption of work, and actively helped solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the resumption of work, such as epidemic prevention materials and hidden danger screening. Before resuming work, we opened up a green channel for our company to contact with many parties to purchase prevention and control materials. In the case of a national shortage of masks, we raised more than 7000 disposable medical masks for our company, which greatly alleviated the shortage of our epidemic prevention materials. After the resumption of work, the Economic and Trade Office once again organized personnel to give on-site guidance and publicity, guide and help implement the plan, and establish epidemic prevention and control disinfection files, personnel touch and temperature measurement files, and safety production work system.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, a large number of employees in key positions of the company stayed in Hubei (316 employees, 94 employees from Hubei), and the production capacity could not meet the delivery demand. After the company fed back the actual difficulties to Langli Street, the street leaders helped us actively contact the county prevention and control headquarters. Finally, 15 employees of our company returned to the headquarters in advance on February 21, 2020 by sending a letter to the Honghu City Prevention and Control Headquarters in Hubei Province. As of the press date, 15 Hubei returning officers of our company have returned to their posts after the isolation observation in the hotel arranged by the government.