2019 year-end summary and commendation meeting

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2022-10-09 17:27

Time flies, time flies, the busy 2019 has passed in an instant, and the promising 2020 is coming to us. The new year is pregnant with new goals and hopes. On this happy day, Changsha Boneng Technology Co., Ltd. held the 2019 year-end summary and commendation meeting on January 16, 2020 in order to thank all employees for their hard work and dedication. In a happy, festive and peaceful atmosphere, we gathered together to share the harvest and joy of the past year and look forward to a better future together!


2019 year-end summary and commendation meeting


First of all, the heads of each department made an annual summary report on the work of their own departments, detailing the details of the year 2019, in which everyone worked together. Then Mr. Yang Daibin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, delivered a New Year's speech, expressing heartfelt thanks and New Year's greetings to all employees, fully affirmed the company's work achievements in 2019, put forward new requirements and expectations for the future development of the company, commended the outstanding employees of the year, and encouraged all employees to make persistent efforts to achieve more brilliant achievements in 2020.


2019 year-end summary and commendation meeting


The development of the company can not be separated from the hard work, efforts and actions of all employees! The company sees it in the eyes and keeps it in mind. Every effort has its own reward. In the journey of 2020, we are full of beauty and expectation. We are grateful to the family and partners of Bonone along the way. I hope that we can work together to continue to work together to paint a magnificent blueprint for Boneng.