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I. Position: 1 Pressure Vessel Welding Engineer
Salary: Negotiable
1. Familiar with characteristics of high-frequency welding and CO2 gas shielded welding processes;
2. Ability to solve technical difficulties of welding process for welded tubes;
3. Skills to use the computer;
4. Good organization and coordination skills and leaderships;
5. Good communication and expression skills;
6. Excellent teamwork ability;
7. Majored in welding or material (welding direction);
8. More than one year of experience at the same position;
9. Work experience in larger chemical manufacturing enterprises preferred;
10. Familiar with planning of pressure vessel welding process, able to work out PQR and WPS according to product structure, and experience of A1/A3 products preferred;
11. Familiar with AUTOCAD and other software, and stronger team spirit;
12. Familiar with JB4708/JB4709 and related specifications.

II. Position: Cost Accountant 
Salary: Negotiable
1. College degree or above in specialties of finance and accounting, applicants holding intermediate accountant title preferred;
Be familiar with preparation of statements, have knowledge of financial accounting and cost accounting, ability to undertake financial accounting work of the company, have clear mind;
2. More than 3 years of experience in industrial accounting work, solid accounting knowledge and skills, overall viewpoint, good financial analysis ability, and familiar with financial process and related national laws and regulations;
3. Good skills on computer, Office software and UFIDA accounting software;
Cost accounting
III. Position: 1 Internal Process Calculation and Design Engineer
Salary: Negotiable
1. Majored in chemical engineering;
2. More than 2 years of experience in process calculation, experience in process calculation of internals preferred;
3. Responsible, hardworking, proactive and good at communication;

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Talent Recruitment

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